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C.A.R.E. Africa is a family preservation and empowerment organization. We achieve these goals primarily through education and vocational training. The seamstress program employs a certified seamstress named Rahab. Rahab has the heart of a teacher; she diligently trains and educates other young women who are eager to earn their own certification. Most clothing in the bush of Nigeria is not "ready-made," as you may be more familiar with. The majority of clothing is measured to the individual then crafted by a seamstress or tailor. This line of work is critical to the local economy and welfare, ensuring these women will be sustainably employed. Empowering these women will sustain Nigerian families, businesses, and communities.

There are many ways to invest in these seamstresses: 

You could sponsor a single seamstress for $35 a month - this will cover educational supplies, product materials, stipends for completed work, and transportation.
You could sponsor Rahab's salary at $75 a month or $900 annually.
Or any amount for a one-time donation!

Your partnership is providing valuable training and stability for individuals and families - thank you!

Suggested Donations

1 Seamstress-in-training Monthly Pledge $35 Donate
All Seamstresses-in-training Monthly Pledge $105 Donate
Seamstresses-in-Training Annual Stipend $1,260 Donate
Rahab's Teaching Salary: Monthly Pledge $75 Donate
Rahab's Annual Salary $900 Donate
Fund Seamstress Training for 1 month $180 Donate
Fund the Seamstress Program for a YEAR! $2,160 Donate

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