Samuel Oladele

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Samuel Oladele turned 7 years old in September. His Father has two wives and his mother is the 2nd wife. In this culture the second wife isn't as cared for as the 1st wife so Samuel and his mother live alone with his sister. The Father visits every now and then but does not assist the family at all. Samuel is a sweet, sweet boy. He was born with a condition that left him unable to walk. He had an opportunity for a free surgery in Abuja from physician missionaries a few years ago and his mother was able to get him to Abuja. Praise God, today he can walk and run and play. Please consider being one of Samuels sponsors so he can go to school. 1 Sponsorship is $35 a month or $420 a year will provide for his school fees, school supplies, uniform and sandals, small provisions and food supplies. We will be seeking 2 sponsors for him so we can also assist his mother by empowering her with vocational training too. She has done some seamstress work before and we want to have her trained and set her up with a sewing machine too.

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