Michael Moses


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Michael Moses has been with us for over 4 years. He was one of our first children in our program. He was attending a local government school that was on strike and I continuied to see him in the town roaming around. He was the eldest in his family of 7 and his father had abandoned the family several years ago. He was finding small jobs to help support his family. He has continued to be an example to all our younger kids and is a big help at our center. His smile is contagious and he is very motivated to be successful in life. He has a strong walk with the Lord and we really believe God has a great plan fo him. He wants to go into the Army. See the video attached to this. 

He has recently graduated from secondary school and did excellant on all his entrance exams for University. We are wanting to do a triple sponsorship for him becuase University is so expensive. He will need school fees, hostel fees, books and handouts and monthly food allowance. Please consider being one of the sponsors that sends Michael to University so we can see what God has for him. 

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