Michael Adeyemi

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Michael is 7 years old. We were visiting a local pastor and he came out to my van with a letter his sister had written for him that said "Please help me I want to go to school". We gave him a form to fill and his mother filled it and brought it to the center. We found an old form in the office that Michael's mother had filled before and we had called her but her phone would never go through. We found out she had lost the phone and hasn't bought a new one yet.
Michael has one sister that lives with him and his father abandoned them many years ago. Thier living conditions as you can see in the pictures were very poor. The rain was coming in and most of the inside was molded and the mattresses were wet. With the help of sponsors we were able to not only support him and his education but also the family. We were able to make needed repairs to the home.  We will continue to work with the family to empower the mother so she can support Michael and his sister. Please consider sponsoring Michael at $35 a month or $420 a year. This will provide for his school fees, school supplies, uniform and sandals, small provisions, food supplies and help us to empower the family. 

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