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C.A.R.E. Africa has a School Lunch Program that provides daily lunch for select students - those who often are not fed at home. Students receive a variety of foods on rotation that include simple staples like rice, eggs, spaghetti, and moy moy (think spicy refried beans). With current costs and the number of students in need, we need $200 per month to continue the program. Their minds and spirits are already being filled; will you help fill their bellies too? 

You can sponsor the School Lunch Program once, monthly, or annually - Thank you! 

Suggested Donations

Feed the kids lunch for a month! $200 Donate
Recurring Monthly Pledge $100 Donate
Recurring Monthly Pledge $200 Donate
Fund School Lunch for a YEAR! $2,400 Donate
Recurring Monthly Pledge $50 Donate

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