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Ife is 6 years old and lives with her mother who is only 27 years old and has 3 kids. She never finished secondary school but she tries her best to find work. She helps people in thier homes and works in a bakery when there is work. 

The family suffers from severe poverty and we want to come alongside them to help Ife have a better life. We would like to help her mother finish school and also possibly join our seamstress school.  Please consider making a differance in Ife's life by sponsoring her at $35 a month or $420 annually. Through your donation we will be able to send Ife to school, provide school supplies and provisions and small food packages. She will also be able to attend all our programs like AWANA and child celebrations. We will also be seeking a second sponsor for Ife and her family so we can help the mom finish school and learn seamstress work. Please consider being one of the sponsors for this family. 

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