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Meet Bose. Her Father passed away several years ago and her mother remarried. The man she married is not a good man and has been known to be abusive and drink. This situation is one CARE is monitoring very carefully to see how we can intervene. Bose is a sweet little girl but her mother is very uneducated and thinks she needs her abusive husband in order to survive. We are hoping with the mentoring and discipleship we do with our caregivers that she will come to know the Lord better and find strength in him. We want to empower both her and Bose so she can leave the current situation she is in. This will require additional support as we want to be able to put them both on a food plan and find a new home for her to rent so she can leave her current situation. We will need two sponsors at $35 a month or one time support of $840 total a year. 

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