Abigeal Ifedayo

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Abigeal is 7 years and has a younger brother. Her mother is a single mum and her father has 2 wives and Abigeal's mum is the second wife. The Father is a drunk and doesnt live with any of the wives but goes to the wives to collect money for drinking or when he's hungry. Her Mother hawks corn or cooks it on the road side during the day or when corn is in season.

Abigeal is a very sweet little girl and smiles a lot and we would love to keep that smile on her face. Over a year ago she was burned very badly and was in the hospital for over a month. A local missionary was able to befriend her and helped her during her stay in the hospital. You can also help Abigeal by sponsoring her with $35 a month or a yearly donation or $420 a month. 

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